Protect your expensive lens from stone damage and discolouration

Today’s headlights are very expensive and replacement costs are usually a very unpleasant surprise. Unfortunately, headlights do get damaged and most modern headlights are susceptible to scratches, pits from flying road debris, and fine hairline fractures that can allow moisture to get into the lens causing fogging. UV damage from sunlight can cause yellowing of the lens and make acrylic brittle. Red Deer Film’s Headlamp Protection kits have UV inhibitors that help to prevent hazing and yellowing of the acrylic lens due to exposure to sunlight.


Preserve the look!


Loose transparency!


Road debris protection!


Unrepairable damage!

It’s estimated that on average 1 out of every 6 automobiles will require headlight replacement due to damage from road debris. Regardless of statistics like these, we have all seen the effects that road debris can cause.

All particles, as small as sand and up, can sandblast your headlights causing clarity to be reduced by as much as 50%. This can put your safety at risk. One trip on the any of our Highways during winter months is all it takes to make you agree that your automobile requires headlight protection.

Replacing headlight components can be an expensive and time-consuming process, the average headlamp set costs $450 to replace. Plastic headlights can become dull and lose their transparency due to rocks and sand particles that pit the surface. Glass headlights can shatter and break their seal from a rock impact.


Protect the glass or plastic lenses of your headlights from rocks that can cause expensive damage. A clear layer of Red Deer Film’s urethane film will reduce the chance of breakage and eliminate pitting. Protection is available for your expensive headlamps, fog lamps, turn indicators and parking lights.


Style your way

To complement our selection of Clear Headlamp and Fog lamp Films we also carry a selection of colored Headlamp Films. Colors available are; Charcoal, Smoked, Gunsmoke, Tint, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Amber, and Pink. Our staff can help you decide which will suit the intended application best.


See everything...

Red Deer Film’s staff is equipped and trained to service all faded and yellowing headlights. Our restoration process will reinvigorate the look and light quality of your headlights without costly replacements. Most headlights can be restored to like-new condition. This is achieved through chemical cleaning, three-stage sanding, high-speed polishing and the application of our Headlamp Protection Film to protect the plastic lens.

Light deterioration is categorized for lights that are either yellowing or slightly hazing. This is when the abrasion resistant coating (AR) on the lens is beginning to give out or thinning down. With slight hazing, this means the original factory hard coat is beginning to yellow, peel or flake off in certain areas.

If the coating is yellow and flaking off, indicates you have Heavy Deterioration. These are lights are completely deteriorated and look so hazy that you can’t see through them.

This is where Red Deer Film’s polishing system triumphs. It has the cutting power to restore even the worst of headlights out there. Our Headlamp Restoration Service can restore up to 89.2% light transmission when compared to 99.9% original, and your lights will look GREAT upon completion!

The last step in the Headlamp Restoration Service is to provide a sealant. Our Clear Headlamp Protection film is an excellent alternative to chemical sealants that will wear off. Keep in mind that if no sealants are used, the scratches will come back in a two to three months (dependent on how much exposure to the sun). By installing our Headlamp Protection Film a permanent solution is delivered that will exceed the results usually obtained by repetitive polishing with any sort of polishing cream. Headlight Protection Film will also improve the look of old headlights by reducing the haze buildup.