Tinted tail lights just look awesome!

Our Smoked Tail lamp Film applications are the Best solution when you want to get that unique look. The best part of the process is that it is completely reversible at a later date. If you happen to sell the car, or just want to take it back to stock. The film is removable, and it will have protected the lenses from scratches and impact damages.

Our high-quality transparent lens film is a flexible material that adds a unique look to tail lights, fog lights, interior lights and any other type of light with a lens. Adding lens film not only adds style, it adds protection!


The look of vehicles has always been an interest to the human race. It is human nature to want to be different and stand out in different desired styles. Smoking tail lights is a very popular car modification of this age. Tinted tail lights are increasing in popularity every day. The automotive car enthusiasts notice every single little detail when it comes to cars. They have decided that the look of tinting or darkening the look of certain aspects of a vehicle also known as “smoking,” really enhances the modified look of a vehicle.